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Hietbrink, E.A.G. (author), Middelweerd, A. (author), van Empelen, P. (author), Preuhs, K. (author), Konijnendijk, A.A.J. (author), Oude Nijeweme-d'Hollosy, W. (author), Schrijver, L.K. (author), Laverman, G.D. (author), Vollenbroek-Hutten, M.M.R. (author)
Background: A healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity and a healthy diet, is becoming increasingly important in the treatment of chronic diseases. eHealth interventions that incorporate behavior change techniques (BCTs) and dynamic tailoring strategies could effectively support a healthy lifestyle. E-Supporter 1.0 is an eCoach...
article 2023
Swinkels, I.C.S. (author), Huygens, M.W.J. (author), Schoenmakers, T.M. (author), Oude Nijeweme-D'Hollosy, W. (author), van Velsen, L. (author), Vermeulen, J. (author), Schoone-Harmsen, M. (author), Jansen, Y.J. (author), van Schayck, O.C. (author), Friele, R. (author), de Witte, L. (author)
Background: Electronic health (eHealth) solutions are considered to relieve current and future pressure on the sustainability of primary health care systems. However, evidence of the effectiveness of eHealth in daily practice is missing. Furthermore, eHealth solutions are often not implemented structurally after a pilot phase, even if successful...
article 2018