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Yu, L. (author), Rozemeijer, J.C. (author), Broers, H.P. (author), van Breukelen, B.M. (author), Middelburg, J.J. (author), Ouboter, M. (author), van der Velde, Y. (author)
article 2021
Yu, L. (author), Rozemeijer, J.C. (author), van der Velde, Y. (author), van Breukelen, B.M. (author), Ouboter, M. (author), Broers, H.P. (author)
Urban areas in coastal lowlands host a significant part of the world's population. In these areas, cities have often expanded to unfavorable locations that have to be drained or where excess rain water and groundwater need to be pumped away in order to maintain dry feet for its citizens. As a result, groundwater seepage influences surface water...
article 2019
Yu, L. (author), Rozemeijer, J. (author), van Breukelen, B.M. (author), Ouboter, M. (author), van der Vlugt, C. (author), Broers, H.P. (author)
The Amsterdam area, a highly manipulated delta area formed by polders and reclaimed lakes, struggles with high nutrient levels in its surface water system. The polders receive spatially and temporally variable amounts of water and nutrients via surface runoff, groundwater seepage, sewer leakage, and via water inlets from upstream polders....
article 2018