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Dukalski, M. (author), Rovetta, D. (author), van der Linde, S.G. (author), Möller, M. (author), Neumann, N. (author), Phillipson, F. (author)
Much of recent progress in geophysics can be attributed to the adaptation of heterogeneous high-performance computing architectures. It is projected that the next major leap in many areas of science, and hence hopefully in geophysics too, will be due to the emergence of quantum computers. Finding a right combination of hardware, algorithms, and...
article 2023
Phillipson, F. (author), Neumann, N. (author), Wezeman, R. (author)
As quantum computers mature, the applicability in practice becomes more important. Quantum computers will often be used in a hybrid setting, where classical computers still play an important role in operating and using the quantum computer. However. the term hybrid is diffuse and multi-interpretable. In this work we define two classes of hybrid...
conference paper 2023
Neumann, N. (author), Phillipson, F. (author)
conference paper 2017