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Nahar, S. (author), Porot, L. (author), Apostolidis, P. (author)
In the past years, the use of liquid additives as bitumen modifiers has increased to tailor the rheology of bitumen for a wide range of applications. Their chemical composition and mutual interaction result in specific phase morphologies in the binders. Hence, there is a need to evaluate the phase morphology of complex binders and the impact of...
article 2022
Xu, S. (author), Liu, X. (author), Tabaković, A. (author), Lin, P. (author), Zhang, Y. (author), Nahar, S. (author), Lommerts, B.J. (author), Schlangen, E. (author)
Rejuvenator encapsulation technique showed great potential for extrinsic asphalt pavement damage healing. Once the capsules are embedded within asphalt pavement, the healing is activated on-demand via progressing microcrack. When the microcrack encounters the capsule, the fracture energy at the tip opens the capsule and releases the rejuvenator....
article 2021