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Munialo, C.D. (author), de Jongh, H.H.J. (author), Broersen, K. (author), van der Linden, E. (author), Martin, A.H. (author)
Fibrillar and spherical aggregates were prepared from whey protein isolate (WPI). These aggregates were thiolated to a substantial degree to observe any impact on functionality. Sulfur-containing groups were introduced on these aggregates which could be converted to thiol groups by deblocking. Changes on a molecular and microstructural level...
article 2013
Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author), Martin, A.H. (author), Baigts Allende, D. (author), Munialo, C.D. (author), Urbonaite, V. (author), Pouvreau, L. (author), de Jongh, H.H.J. (author)
The exploration of microstructures and textures of protein based systems is essential to understand (oral) breakdown properties and thereby textural aspects, or macroscopic functionalities such as water holding. Upon structure breakdown, the applied energy (W) is primarily directed towards fracture (Wf) for particulate gels. For stranded gels...
conference paper 2013