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Moradzaman, M. (author), Sánchez Martínez, C. (author), Mul, G. (author)
article 2020
Kimball, E. (author), Schuurbiers, C.A.H. (author), Zevenbergen, J.F. (author), Håkonsen, S.F. (author), Heyn, R. (author), Offermans, W. (author), Leitner, W. (author), Ostapowicz, T. (author), Muller, T.E. (author), Mul, G. (author), North, M. (author), Ngomsik-Fanselow, A.F. (author), Sarron, E. (author), Sigurbjörnsson, O. (author), Schäffner, B. (author)
The consortium behind CyclicCO2R wants to kick-start the implementation of CO2 utilization technologies by converting CO2 into a high value-added product, thus providing a showcase that inspires industry to further develop technologies utilizing CO2 as a sustainable raw material and valorizing CO2 in such a way that drives the market for CO2...
public lecture 2013