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Hernández-Balaguera, E. (author), Munoz-Díaz, L. (author), Pereyra, C. (author), Lira-Cantu, M. (author), Najafi, M. (author), Galagan, Y. (author)
The unprecedented increase of photovoltaic perovskites performance metrics has been obscured by the puzzling phenomenology underlying the device's anomalous ionic/electronic landscape. Thus, the establishment of a reliable measurement protocol of efficiency measurements, unanimously adopted by the perovskite's community, is indeed necessary to...
article 2022
López-González, M.C. (author), Del Pozo, G. (author), Martín-Martín, D. (author), Muñoz-Díaz, L. (author), Pérez-Martínez, J.C. (author), Hernández-Balaguera, E. (author), Arredondo, B. (author), Galagan, Y. (author), Najafi, M. (author), Romero B., (author)
Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have become very popular due to the high efficiencies achieved. Nevertheless, one of the main challenges for their commercialization is to solve their instability issues. A thorough understanding of the processes taking place in the device is key for the development of this technology. Herein, J-V measurements have...
article 2021