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Brouwer, N.P. (author), Tabasi, A. (author), Moya-Esteban, A. (author), Sartori, M. (author), van Dijk, W. (author), Kingma, I. (author), van Dieen, J.H. (author)
The effectiveness of exoskeletons could be enhanced by incorporating low back muscle fatigue estimates in their control. The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether low back muscle fatigue can be estimated using the spectral content of trunk extensor muscle high-density EMG (HDEMG) by considering the motor unit action potential...
bookPart 2022
Brouwer, N.P. (author), Tabasi, A. (author), Kingma, I. (author), Stegeman, D.F. (author), van Dijk, W. (author), Moya-Esteban, A. (author), Sartori, M. (author), van Die├źn, J.H. (author)
While a decreasing spectral content of surface electromyography reflects low back muscle fatigue development, reliability of these decreases may be insufficient. Decreasing frequency content is largely determined by decreasing average motor unit action potential conduction velocities (CV), which is considered a more direct measure of muscle...
article 2022