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Detmar, S.B. (author), Hosli, E.J. (author), Chorus, A.M.J. (author), van Beekum, T. (author), Vogels, T. (author), Mourad-Baars, P.E.C. (author), Engelberts, A.C. (author), Groothuis - Oudshoorn, C.G.M. (author), Verrips, G.H.W. (author)
Introduction: This paper describes the development and initial psychometric evaluation of the Handicap Scale for Children (HSC). This questionnaire is based on the London Handicap Scale (LHS), a valid and reliable utility instrument for measuring social participation in adults. Methods: A multidisciplinary research group was involved in...
article 2005
den Ouden, A.L. (author), Haerkens, H.M.J. (author), Drejer, G.F. (author), Drewes, J.G. (author), Mourad-Baars, P.E.C. (author), Oudesluys-Murphy, A.M. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Objective. To determine whether incubator home care is desirable and feasible. Design. Inventory. Setting. Four neonatal units representative of the type of care in general hospitals in the Netherlands. Method. The relevant data on all infants with a birth weight ≤ 2000 g admitted in the last 3 months of 1996 to one of four hospitals were...
article 1998