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Post, Z.J. (author), Zimbeck, W.R. (author), Storck, S.M. (author), van Kempen, F. (author), Otter, G.C.J. (author), Boldt, J.D. (author), van der Laan, L. (author), Szczesniak, S.R. (author), Carter, R.H. (author), Mueller, R.K. (author), Nimer, S.M. (author), Trigg, d.B. (author), Berkson, M.A. (author), Morgan, M.F. (author), Swartz, W.H. (author)
A framework for additive manufacturing aluminum alloy selection was developed to determine the preferred composition and process parameters from which to fabricate topology-optimized optical instrument housings and light-weighted freeform mirrors for the Compact Hyperspectral Air Pollution Sensor (CHAPS). In recent years, a number of high...
conference paper 2023
Swartz, W.H. (author), Krotkov, N.A. (author), Lamsal, L.N. (author), Otter, G.C.J. (author), van Kempen, F.C.M. (author), Boldt, J.D. (author), Morgan, M.F. (author), der Laan, L.W.van (author), Zimbeck, W.R. (author), Storck, S.M. (author), Post, Z.J. (author), Janz, S.J. (author), Kowalewski, M.G. (author), Li, C. (author), Veefkind, J.P. (author), Levelt, P.F. (author)
Adverse air quality impacts human health and climate and has implications for environmental equity. The Compact Hyperspectral Air Pollution Sensor (CHAPS) is a newly designed small imaging spectrometer for remote sensing of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other air pollutants from space. It incorporates two emerging technologies, to achieve the...
conference paper 2021