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Oliveira Machado dos Santos, C. (author), Moncada Botero, J. (author), West, K.J. (author), Apeldoorn, T. (author)
This report is a result of the MIDDEN+ project, a pilot project that was undertaken as an exploration of the possibilities for future developments of the MIDDEN database, especially concerning additional data for complex and impactful decision‐making, facilitating the transformation to a CO2‐neutral industrial sector. The project sought to...
report 2021
Uslu, A. (author), Oliveira Machado dos Santos, C. (author), Moncada Botero, J. (author)
The continues growth in transportation and the sector’s dependence on fossil hydrocarbons make it challenging to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. According to European Environment Agency (EEA), GHG emissions from transport have increased every year since 2014, reaching at 29% above 1990 levels in 2018. The chemical industry is another...
report 2020