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Tukker, A. (author), de Koning, A. (author), Wood, R. (author), Moll, S. (author), Bouwmeester, M.C. (author)
Environmentally extended input output (EE IO) analysis is increasingly used to assess the carbon footprint of final consumption. Official EE IO data are, however, at best available for single countries or regions such as the EU27. This causes problems in assessing pollution embodied in imported products. The popular "domestic technology...
article 2013
Tukker, A. (author), Poliakov, E. (author), Heijungs, R. (author), Hawkins, T. (author), Neuwahl, F. (author), Rueda-Cantuche, J.M. (author), Giljum, S. (author), Moll, S. (author), Oosterhaven, J. (author), Bouwmeester, M. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
This paper presents the strategy for a large EU-funded Integrated Project: EXIOPOL ("A New Environmental Accounting Framework Using Externality Data and Input-Output Tools for Policy Analysis"), with special attention for its part in environmentally extended (EE) input-output (IO) analysis. The project has three principal objectives:(a)to...
article 2009