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van Stralen, W.J.H. (author), Calvert, S.C. (author), Molin, E.J.E. (author)
Weather conditions are widely acknowledged to contribute to the occurrence of congestion on motorway traffic by influencing both traffic supply and traffic demand. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first paper that explicitly integrates supply and demand effects in predicting the influence of adverse weather conditions on the probability...
article 2015
Kroesen, M. (author), Molin, E.J.E. (author), Miedema, H.M.E. (author), Vos, H. (author), Janssen, S.A. (author), van Wee, B. (author), TNO Bouw en ondergrond (author)
This study assesses the effects of aircraft noise on residential satisfaction, an important indicator of subjective well-being. A structural equation model is specified that estimates the relationships between objective variables, noise annoyance variables and residential satisfaction. Secondary data-analysis is used to estimate the model. The...
article 2010