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Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author), de Boer, R. (author), Smeding, S.F. (author), Mola, S. (author)
-A prototype adsorption cooling system was developed for the purpose of on-board test of mobile air conditioning driven by waste heat from the engine. The system was designed, constructed and first tested in the laboratory of ECN. The performance under various static operating conditions was determined in the laboratory. The system can produce 2...
conference paper 2009
de Boer, R. (author), Critoph, R.E. (author), Restuccia, G. (author), Mola, S. (author)
"Both the EU directive on the use of fluorinated refrigerants for MAC systems as well as lower CO2 emission targets force the car manufacturers to find more sustainable ways for climate control of the vehicle interior. Sorption cooling technology can provide a more sustainable alternative than conventional compression cooling technology....
conference paper 2008