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Bulavskaya, T. (author), Hu, J. (author), Moghayer, S.M. (author), Reynès, F.G.D. (author)
This document provides a full description of the new version of EXIOMOD (EXtended Input-Output MODel). "Extended" refers to the fact that EXIOMOD can extend the standard Input-Output (IO) analysis in two main directions: (1) to Computational General Equilibrium model (CGEM or CGE model) analysis, and (2) to specific topics such as environmental...
other 2016
Montalvo Corral, C. (author), Moghayer, S.M. (author), Boonman, H.J. (author)
The goal of the European Committee is to achieve 3% of the GDP by 2020, which could create 3.7 million jobs within the European Union. For achieving this target, the European Commission continued the track of the Lisbon Strategy into the 2020 Strategy enacting amongst other the initiative “Innovation Union”. Given the importance of innovation,...
other 2015
Sayyari, Y. (author), Molaei, M. (author), Moghayer, S.M. (author)
The category of metric spaces is a subcategory of quasi-metric spaces. In this paper the notion of entropy for the continuous maps of a quasi-metric space is extended via spanning and separated sets. Moreover, two metric spaces that are associated to a given quasi-metric space are introduced and the entropy of a map of a given quasi-metric space...
article 2015