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Orlic, B. (author), Moghadam, A. (author), Brunner, L. (author), van Unen, M. (author), Wójcicki, A. (author), Bobek, K. (author), van der Valk, K. (author), Wollenweber, J. (author)
Well leakage risk is a key concern for the safety and economics of geological CO2 storage. Maintaining the integrity of annulus cement in the wellbore during the lifetime of well is of paramount importance. Cement properties and the stress state in cement at the downhole conditions are however uncertain and difficult, if at all possible, to...
conference paper 2021
Moghadam, A. (author), Orlic. B., (author), Brunner, L. (author)
public lecture 2021
Moghadam, A. (author), Castelein, C.J.K. (author), ter Heege, J.H. (author), van der Valk, K. (author), Orlic, B. (author), Wollenweber, J. (author)
Maintaining the integrity of the annular cement in the wellbore is paramount in successful hydrocarbon exploitation, subsurface energy storage, geothermal energy production, and geologic carbon sequestration. Debonding at the casing-cement interface can create connected flow paths for fluid leakage along the well leading to loss of zonal...
conference paper 2020