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Mannisenaho, V. (author), Tsuruta, A. (author), Backman, L. (author), Houweling, S. (author), Segers, A.J. (author), Krol, M. (author), Saunois, M. (author), Poulter, B. (author), Zhang, Z. (author), Lan, X. (author), Dlugokencky, E.J. (author), Michel, S. (author), White, J.W.C. (author), Aalto, T. (author)
This study investigates atmospheric (Formula presented.) CH (Formula presented.) trends, as produced by a global atmospheric transport model using CH (Formula presented.) inversions from CarbonTracker-Europe CH (Formula presented.) for 2000-2020, and compares them to observations. The CH (Formula presented.) inversions include the grouping of...
article 2023
Kangasaho, V. (author), Tsuruta, A. (author), Backman, L. (author), Makinen, P. (author), Houweling, S. (author), Segers, A. (author), Krol, M. (author), Dlugokencky, E.J. (author), Michel, S. (author), White, J.W.C. (author), Aalto, T. (author)
This study investigates the contribution of different CH4 sources to the seasonal cycle of δ13C during 2000–2012 by using the TM5 atmospheric transport model, including spatially varying information on isotopic signatures. The TM5 model is able to produce the background seasonality of δ13C, but the discrepancies compared to the observations...
article 2022
Michel, S. (author), de Ruiter, C.J. (author), Hogervorst, M.A. (author), Koller, S.M. (author), Moerland, R. (author), Schwaninger, R.A. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
X-Ray screening of passenger bags is an essential component of airport security. Large investments into technology have been made in recent years. However, the most expensive equipment is of limited value, if th humans who operate it are not selected and trained appropriately. Scientific studies have shown that human performance in x-ray image...
conference paper 2007