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de Amorim Soares, G. (author), Theelen, M.J. (author), Roosen, D. (author), Masolin, A. (author), Franssen, L. (author), Daenen, M. (author), Carolus, J. (author), Meuris, M. (author), Birrenbach, T. (author), Gerber, A. (author), Wrigley, A. (author)
conference paper 2017
ElAnzeery, H. (author), El Daif, O. (author), Buffière, M. (author), Oueslati, S. (author), Ben Messaoud, K. (author), Agten, D. (author), Brammertz, G. (author), Guindi, R. (author), Kniknie, B. (author), Meuris, M. (author), Poortmans, J. (author)
Cu2nSnSe4 (CZTSe) thin film solar cells are promising emergent photovoltaic technologies based on low-bandgap absorber layer with high absorption coefficient. To reduce optical losses in such devices and thus improve their efficiency, numerical simulations of CZTSe solar cells optical characteristics can be performed based on individual optical...
article 2015