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Prabowo, B. (author), Zheng, G. (author), Mehrpoo, M. (author), Patra, B. (author), Harvey-Collard, P. (author), Dijkema, J. (author), Sammak, A. (author), Scappucci, G. (author), Charbon, E. (author), Sebastiano, F. (author), Vandersypen, L.M.K. (author), Babaie, M. (author)
Quantum computers (QC) promise to solve certain computational problems exponentially faster than a classical computer due to the superposition and entanglement properties of quantum bits (qubits). Among several qubit technologies, spin qubits are a promising candidate for large-scale QC, since (1) they have a small footprint allowing them to be...
conference paper 2021