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van der Beek, A.J. (author), Mathiassen, S.E. (author), Burdorf, A. (author)
The objective of this study, based on an extensive dataset on manual materials handling during scaffolding, was to explore whether routinely collected company data can be used to estimate exposure to manual lifting.The number of manual lifts of scaffold parts while constructing/dismantling scaffolds was well predicted by the number of...
article 2013
Bosch, T. (author), Mathiassen, S.E. (author), Hallman, D. (author), de Looze, M.P. (author), Lyskov, E. (author), Visser, B. (author), van Dieën, J.H. (author)
This study investigated temporal changes in movement strategy and performance during fatiguing short-cycle work. Eighteen participants performed six 7-min work blocks with repetitive reaching movements at 0.5 Hz, each followed by a 5.5-min rest break for a total duration of 1 h. Electromyography (EMG) was collected continuously from the upper...
article 2012
Bosch, T. (author), Mathiassen, S.E. (author), Visser, B. (author), de Looze, M.D. (author), van Dieën, J.V. (author)
This study investigated the effect of work pace on workload, motor variability and fatigue during light assembly work. Upper extremity kinematics and electromyography (EMG) were obtained on a cycle-to-cycle basis for eight participants during two conditions, corresponding to "normal" and "high" work pace according to a predetermined time system...
article 2011