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Martínez-Arranz, I. (author), Bruzzone, C. (author), Noureddin, M. (author), Gil-Redondo, R. (author), Mincholé, I. (author), Bizkarguenaga, M. (author), Arretxe, E. (author), Iruarrizaga-Lejarreta, M. (author), Fernández-Ramos, D. (author), Lopitz-Otsoa, F. (author), Mayo, R. (author), Embade, N. (author), Newberry, E. (author), Mittendorf, B. (author), Izquierdo-Sánchez, L. (author), Smid, V. (author), Arnold, J. (author), Iruzubieta, P. (author), Pérez Castaño, Y. (author), Krawczyk, M. (author), Marigorta, U.M. (author), Morrison, M.C. (author), Kleemann, R. (author), Martín-Duce, A. (author), Hayardeny, L. (author), Vitek, L. (author), Bruha, R. (author), Aller de la Fuente, R. (author), Crespo, J. (author), Romero-Gomez, M. (author), Banales, J.M. (author), Arrese, M. (author), Cusi, K. (author), Bugianesi, E. (author), Klein, S. (author), Lu, S.C. (author), Anstee, Q.M. (author), Millet, O. (author), Davidson, N.O. (author), Alonso, C. (author), Mato, J.M. (author)
Background and Aims: We previously identified subsets of patients with NAFLD with different metabolic phenotypes. Here we align metabolomic signatures with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and genetic risk factors. Approach and Results: We analyzed serum metabolome from 1154 individuals with biopsy-proven NAFLD, and from four mouse models of NAFLD...
article 2022
Morrison, M.C. (author), Verschuren, L. (author), Salic, K. (author), Verhij, J. (author), Menke, A. (author), Wielinga, P.Y. (author), Iruarrizaga-Lejarretts, M. (author), Gole, L. (author), Yu, W.M. (author), Turner, S. (author), Caspers, M.P.M. (author), Martinez-Arranz, I. (author), Pieterman, E. (author), Stoop, R. (author), van Koppen, A. (author), van den Hoek, A.M. (author), Mato, J.M. (author), Hanemaaijer, R. (author), Alonso, C. (author), Kleemann, R. (author)
Concerns have been raised about whether preclinical models sufficiently mimic molecular disease processes observed in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) patients, bringing into question their translational value in studies of therapeutic interventions in the process of NASH/fibrosis. We investigated the representation of molecular disease...
article 2018