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Volker, A.W.F. (author), VRolijk, J.W. (author), van der Burg, D.W. (author), van der Heiden, M.S. (author), Martina, Q.E.V.N. (author)
Composite materials are becoming more popular in the aerospace industry, because of their physical properties. In quality assurance and in-service inspection, there is a need for fast, non-contact, high-quality, non-destructive inspection techniques. The most common approach is to perform the inspection using water-coupled high-frequency...
article 2023
Liu, Z. (author), Htein, L. (author), Cheng, L.K. (author), Martina, Q.E.V.N. (author), Jansen, T.H. (author), Tam, H.Y. (author)
In this paper, we present a miniature fluidic flowmeter based on a packaged FBG and laser-heated fibers. The flow rates of water and hydraulic oil were measured by utilizing the proposed flowmeter. The measured results exhibited good sensitivity of 0.339 nm/(m/s) for water and 0.578 nm/(m/s) for oil flow. Experimental results showed that the...
conference paper 2017