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Vrins, C.L.J. (author), Out, R. (author), van Santbrink, P. (author), van der Zee, A. (author), Mahmoudi, T. (author), Groenendijk, M. (author), Havekes, L.M. (author), van Berkel, T.J.C. (author), van Dijk, K.W. (author), Biessen, E.A.L. (author)
Background: The zinc finger protein Znf202 is a transcriptional suppressor of lipid related genes and has been linked to hypoalphalipoproteinemia. A functional role of Znf202 in lipid metabolism in vivo still remains to be established. Methodology and Principal Findings: We generated mouse Znf202 expression vectors, the functionality of which...
article 2013