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SzymaƄska, E. (author), Bouwman, J. (author), Strassburg, K. (author), Vervoort, J. (author), Kangas, A.J. (author), Soininen, P. (author), Ala-Korpela, M. (author), Westerhuis, J. (author), van Duynhoven, J.P.M. (author), Mela, D.J. (author), MacDonald, I.A. (author), Vreeken, R.J. (author), Smilde, A.K. (author), Jacobs, D.M. (author)
Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes especially when the fat is accumulated to central depots. Novel biomarkers are crucial to develop diagnostics for obesity and related metabolic disorders. We evaluated the associations between metabolite profiles (136 lipid components, 12 lipoprotein subclasses, 17 low...
article 2012
Bijlsma, S. (author), Bobeldijk, I. (author), Verheij, E.R. (author), Ramaker, R. (author), Kochhar, S. (author), Macdonald, I.A. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Smilde, A.K. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
A large metabolomics study was performed on 600 plasma samples taken at four time points before and after a single intake of a high fat test meal by obese and lean subjects. All samples were analyzed by a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) lipidomic method for metabolic profiling. A pragmatic approach combining several well...
article 2006