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Dussan Rojas, K.M. (author), Dijkstra, J.W. (author), Luzzi, S. (author), van Zandvoort, I. (author), van Hal, J.W. (author)
This short review covers the last two years of research and development initiatives covering aspects of biomass supply (e.g. mechanized cultivation and stabilization for storage), seaweed inundations and utilization, and recent advances and studies on seaweed biorefinery concepts covering hydrolysis methods, conversion and processing methods,...
article 2023
López-Contreras, A.M. (author), Dijkstra, J.W. (author), de Vrije, T. (author), Dussan, K. (author), Luzzi, S. (author), van den Burg, B. (author), Budde, M. (author), van Seijst, D. (author), van Medevoort, J. (author), Pazhavelikkakath Purushothaman, R.K. (author), van Haveren, J. (author), Morales-González, O.M. (author), Ferrari, F. (author), Rep, M. (author), Hakeem, A. (author), van Haute, M. (author), Claassen, P.A.M. (author)
The aim of the project “More Fuels from Organic Residues” (MOTOR) is to produce advanced biofuels for the transport sectors where electrification or gaseous biofuels will not generate the reduction of their carbon footprint in the short term. In MOTOR, wet lignocellulosic waste streams that do not compete with the food/feed market are used as a...
conference paper 2022