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Butt A.A., (author), Vries S.B. de, (author), Loonen R.C.G.M., (author), Hensen J.L.M., (author), Stuiver A., (author), Ham J.E.J. van den, (author), Erich B.S.J.F., (author)
Thermochromic (TC) materials can switch solar absorptance (α) based on temperature stimuli. When coatings with TC properties are applied on building envelope surfaces, the amount of solar heat gains can be controlled to reduce the heating and cooling demand of buildings. To date, limited research has been conducted in investigating optimal TC...
article 2021
Bognar, A. (author), Kusnadi, S. (author), Slooff, L.H. (author), Tzikas, C. (author), Loonen, R.C.G.M. (author), de Jong, M.M. (author), Hensen, J.L.M. (author), Debije, M.G. (author)
A full-size (1 × 5 m2) luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) has been constructed and the edge electric outputs from the attached photovoltaic cells monitored for a period of slightly over one year in the solar noise barrier (SONOB) “living lab” outdoor environment. The results of the edge electric output measurements were compared to ray-tracing...
article 2019
Bakker, L.G. (author), Hoes-van Oeffelen, E.C.M. (author), Loonen, R.C.G.M. (author), Hensen, J.L.M. (author)
Automatically-operated dynamic facades can play an important role in reducing building energy consumption while maintaining high levels of indoor environmental quality. Facade automation, however, has a controversial reputation due to concerns about increased risks for occupant distraction and discomfort. This paper explores and quantifies the...
article 2014