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Fuzzi, S. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author), Carslaw, K. (author), Decesari, S. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Facchini, M.C. (author), Fowler, D. (author), Koren, I. (author), Langford, B. (author), Lohmann, U. (author), Nemitz, E. (author), Pandis, S. (author), Riipinen, I. (author), Rudich, Y. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Slowik, J.G. (author), Spracklen, D.V. (author), Vignati, E. (author), Wild, M. (author), Williams, M. (author), Gilardoni, S. (author)
The literature on atmospheric particulate maffer (PM), or atmospheric aerosol, has increased enormously over the last 2 decades and amounts now to some 1500—2000 papers per year in the refereed literature. This is in part due to the enormous advances in measurement technologies, which have allowed for an increasingly accurate understanding of...
article 2015
Baklanov, A. (author), Schlünzen, K. (author), Suppan, P. (author), Baldasano, J. (author), Brunner, D. (author), Aksoyoglu, S. (author), Carmichael, G. (author), Douros, J. (author), Flemming, J. (author), Forkel, R. (author), Galmarini, S. (author), Gauss, M. (author), Grell, G. (author), Hirtl, M. (author), Joffre, S. (author), Jorba, O. (author), Kaas, E. (author), Kaasik, M. (author), Kallos, G. (author), Kong, X. (author), Korsholm, U. (author), Kurganskiy, A. (author), Kushta, J. (author), Lohmann, U. (author), Mahura, A. (author), Manders-Groot, A. (author), Maurizi, A. (author), Moussiopoulos, N. (author), Rao, S.T. (author), Savage, N. (author), Seigneur, C. (author), Sokhi, R.S. (author), Solazzo, E. (author), Solomos, S. (author), Sørensen, B. (author), Tsegas, G. (author), Vignati, E. (author), Vogel, B. (author), Zhang, Y. (author)
Online coupled mesoscale meteorology atmospheric chemistry models have undergone a rapid evolution in recent years. Although mainly developed by the air quality modelling community, these models are also of interest for numerical weather prediction and regional climate modelling as they can consider not only the effects of meteorology on air...
article 2014
Kulmala, M. (author), Asmi, A. (author), Lappalainen, H.K. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author), Brenguier, J.-L. (author), Facchini, M.C. (author), Hansson, H.-C. (author), Hov, Ø. (author), O'Dowd, C.D. (author), Pöschl, U. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Boers, R. (author), Boucher, O. (author), de Leeuw, G. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Feichter, J. (author), Krejci, R. (author), Laj, P. (author), Lihavainen, H. (author), Lohmann, U. (author), McFiggans, G. (author), Mentel, T. (author), Pilinis, C. (author), Riipinen, I. (author), Schulz, M. (author), Stohl, A. (author), Swietlicki, E. (author), Vignati, E. (author), Alves, C. (author), Amann, M. (author), Ammann, M. (author), Arabas, S. (author), Artaxo, P. (author), Baars, H. (author), Beddows, D.C.S. (author), Bergström, R. (author), Beukes, J.P. (author), Bilde, M. (author), Burkhart, J.F. (author), Canonaco, F. (author), Clegg, S.L. (author), Coe, H. (author), Crumeyrolle, S. (author), D'Anna, B. (author), Decesari, S. (author), Gilardoni, S. (author), Fischer, M. (author), Fjaeraa, A.M. (author), Fountoukis, C. (author), George, C. (author), Gomes, L. (author), Halloran, P. (author), Hamburger, T. (author), Harrison, R.M. (author), Herrmann, H. (author), Hoffmann, T. (author), Hoose, C. (author), Hu, M. (author), Hyvärinen, A. (author), Hõrrak, U. (author), Iinuma, Y. (author), Iversen, T. (author), Josipovic, M. (author), Kanakidou, M. (author), Kiendler-Scharr, A. (author), Kirkevåg, A. (author), Kiss, G. (author), Klimont, Z. (author), Kolmonen, P. (author), Komppula, M. (author), Kristjánsson, J.-E. (author), Laakso, L. (author), Laaksonen, A. (author), Labonnote, L. (author), Lanz, V.A. (author), Lehtinen, K.E.J. (author), Rizzo, L.V. (author), Makkonen, R. (author), Manninen, H.E. (author), McMeeking, G. (author), Merikanto, J. (author), Minikin, A. (author), Mirme, S. (author), Morgan, W.T. (author), Nemitz, E. (author), O'Donnell, D. (author), Panwar, T.S. (author), Pawlowska, H. (author), Petzold, A. (author), Pienaar, J.J. (author), Pio, C. (author), Plass-Duelmer, C. (author), Prévôt, A.S.H. (author), Pryor, S. (author), Reddington, C.L. (author), Roberts, G. (author), Rosenfeld, D. (author), Schwarz, J. (author), Seland, O. (author), Sellegri, K. (author), Shen, X.J. (author), Shiraiwa, M. (author), Siebert, H. (author), Sierau, B. (author), Simpson, D. (author), Sun, J.Y. (author), Topping, D. (author), Tunved, P. (author), Vaattovaara, P. (author), Vakkari, V. (author), Veefkind, J.P. (author), Visschedijk, A. (author), Vuollekoski, H. (author), Vuolo, R. (author), Wehner, B. (author), Wildt, J. (author), Woodward, S. (author), Worsnop, D.R. (author), van Zadelhoff, G.J. (author), Zardini, A.A. (author), Zhang, K. (author), van Zyl, P.G. (author), Kerminen, V.-M. (author), Carslaw, K.S. (author), Pandis, S.N. (author)
In this paper we describe and summarize the main achievements of the European Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions project (EUCAARI). EUCAARI started on 1 January 2007 and ended on 31 December 2010 leaving a rich legacy including: (a) a comprehensive database with a year of observations of the physical, chemical and optical...
article 2011