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Brouwer, R. (author), Fahrenkrog, F. (author), Fiorentino, A. (author), Hof, T. (author), Köhler, A.L. (author), Karlsson, M. (author), Ljung, M. (author), Selveforst, A. (author), van Schagen, I. (author), Sprajcer, A. (author), Toffetti, A. (author), Twisk, D. (author), Wahlgren, A. (author), Ziegler, J. (author)
The MeBeSafe project intends to develop, implement and validate interventions that direct road users (drivers and cyclists) towards safer behaviour in common traffic situations which carry an elevated risk. More specifically, the aim is to change habitual traffic behaviour using different nudging interventions, i.e. subconsciously pushing road...
report 2017
Scholliers, J. (author), Hendriks, F.M. (author), Ljung, M. (author), Anttila, V. (author), Netto, M. (author), Engström, J. (author), Heinig, K. (author), Amditis, A. (author)
The PReVENT Integrated Project European automotive industry activity cofunded by the European Commission contributes to road safety by developing and demonstrating preventive safety applications and technologies. PReVAL is a subproject of PReVENT, and addresses the possible impacts of safety applications developed and demonstrated in PReVENT....
conference paper 2007
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Scholliers, J. (author), Blosseville, J.M. (author), Anttila, V. (author), Sihvola, N. (author), Leanderson, S. (author), Dozza, M. (author), Netto, M. (author), Heinig, K. (author), Hendriks, F.M. (author), Janssen, W.H. (author), Wilmink, I.R. (author), van Noort, M. (author), Chen, J. (author), Tango, F. (author), Hiller, A. (author), Ljung, M. (author), Engström, J. (author), Koskinen, S. (author), Luoma, J. (author), Gemou, M. (author), Kutzner, R. (author)
PReVAL addresses the possible safety impacts of functions developed and demonstrated in the PReVENT integrated project. One of the major aims of the PReVAL project is the assessment of the work performed in the PReVENT subprojects. This deliverable reviews the evaluation results from the different PReVENT subprojects. The deliverable is both a...
report 2007