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Bijlsma, T. (author), Lint, A. (author), Verriet, J. (author)
Industrial embedded platforms are often used to execute stream-processing applications, from which the results are used by actuators. On average, these stream-processing applications should at least meet the required throughput of their actuators, which poses a real-time requirement on the system. To avoid extra costs and delays, it is desired...
conference paper 2018
Hendriks, M. (author), Verriet, J. (author), Basten, T. (author), Brassn, M. (author), Dankers, R. (author), Laan, R. (author), Lint, A. (author), Moneva, H. (author), Somers, L. (author), Willekens, M. (author)
Performance is a key aspect of many embedded systems, embedded data processing systems in particular. System performance can typically only be measured in the later stages of system development. To avoid expensive re-work in the final stages of development, it is essential to have accurate performance estimations in the early stages. For this...
conference paper 2015