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Lauermann, I. (author), Salis, E. (author), Gerber, A. (author), Andreasen, J.E. (author), Gevorgyan, S.A. (author), Betts, T. (author), Blagovest, M. (author), Gottschalg, R. (author), Kodolbas, A.O. (author), Yilmaz, O. (author), Liedl, R. (author), Rennhofer, M. (author), Zamini, S. (author), Acciarri, M. (author), Binetti, S. (author), Lotter, E. (author), Bakker, K. (author), Kroon, J. (author), Soppe, W. (author), Razongles, G. (author), Mercaldo, L.V. (author), Roca, F. (author), Romano, A. (author), Ebinger, J.H. (author), Warta, W. (author), Balenzategui, J.L. (author), Trigo, J.F. (author), Neubert, S. (author), Schlatmann, R. (author), Pavanello, D. (author), Mullejans, H. (author)
Within the European FP7 project CHEETAH, a thin-film tandem solar cell round-robin proficiency test was conducted between 13 testing laboratories, plus the European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre as reference laboratory. The purpose of this RR was to compare testing facilities and procedures of...
conference paper 2019
Sommeling, P.M. (author), Kroon, J.M. (author), Lauermann, I. (author), Roca, F. (author), Bittkau, K. (author), Heisz, M. (author), van Nieuwenhuysen, K. (author), Danel, A. (author), Schmidt, M. (author), Gevorggyan, S. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
CHEETAH is an FP7 integrated research project on photovoltaics funded by the European Commission and was initiated by EERA PV. This project is structured into two type of activities: Coordinative and Support actions (CSA) and Joint Research activities (JRA). The CSA focuses on the creation of a long term collaborative platform by developing...
conference paper 2017
Kroon, J.M. (author), Warta, W. (author), Lauermann, I. (author), Bennett, I.J. (author), de Bruijne, M. (author), Roca, F. (author), Taylor, N. (author), Arrowsmith, G. (author), Malbranche, P. (author), Merten, J. (author), Assoa, Y.B. (author), Georgyvan, S. (author), Huepkes, J. (author), Siefer, G. (author), Koehl, M. (author), Theologitis, I.-T. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
The European FP7 project SOPHIA߿ݠhas worked on a Strategic Research Infrastructure Agenda, presenting a listing of existing Research Infrastructure (RI) across the consortium of this project , current trends in access and use of PV RI as well as recommendations for future PV RI, upgrading the capability of EU PV RI. This agenda is targeted at...
conference paper 2014