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Lazovik, E. (author), Medema, M. (author), Albers, T. (author), Langius, E.A.F. (author), Lazovik, A. (author)
Distributed data processing systems are the standard means for large-scale data analysis in the Big Data field. These systems are based on processing pipelines where the processing is done via a composition of multiple elements or steps. In current distributed data processing systems, the code and parameters that create the pipeline are set at...
conference paper 2017
Holmström, J. (author), Kajosaari, R. (author), Främling, K. (author), Langius, E.A.F. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Item-centric tracking is an opportunity to increase visibility and control in different operations of a company. The economical feasibility of item-centric tracking is based on recent technological developments for monitoring the material flow on the item-level instead of the material type-level. It enables companies to track and trace assets...
article 2009