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Eichstädt, S. (author), van der Waaij, B.D. (author), Ludwig, B. (author), Langius, E. (author)
Transparency of changes, automated testing of new developments against documented criteria, combination of developments from different sources and automated publication of validated results are key aspects of modern collaborative software engineering. Various infrastructures, guidelines and tools are available for continuous integration (CI) and...
conference paper 2019
van den Heuvel, F. (author), Schouten, M. (author), Abspoel, L. (author), Courage, W. (author), Kruse, H. (author), Langius, E. (author)
Pipeline networks for gas and water are the lifelines of our society. Most pipelines are buried, which impedes direct monitoring of the structural reliability of the networks. The behavior of the soil surrounding the pipes may impose hazardous loads or deformations threatening the integrity of the network or even cause failure of pipes. This is...
conference paper 2016
Kajosaari, R. (author), Langius, E. (author), Holmström, J. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Item-centric control and information management is a potential solution to establish economically and practically feasible Concurrent Enterprises. The economical feasibility of item-centric tracking is based on recent technological developments for monitoring the material flow on the item-level instead of the material type-level. Item-centric...
conference paper 2007