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Landman, A. (author), Davies, S. (author), Groen, E.L. (author), van Paassen, M.M.R. (author), Lawson, N.J. (author), Bronkhorst, A.W. (author), Mulder, M. (author)
We hypothesized that an incorrect expectation due to spatial disorientation may induce roll reversal errors. To test this, an in-flight experiment was performed, in which forty non-pilots rolled wings level after receiving motion cues. A No-leans condition (subthreshold motion to a bank angle) was included, as well as a Leans-opposite condition ...
article 2019
van den Hoed, A. (author), Landman, A. (author), van Baelen, D. (author), van Paassen, R. (author), Groen, E.L. (author), Mulder, M. (author)
Objective: We tested whether a procedure in a hexapod simulator can cause incorrect assumptions of the bank angle (i.e., the “leans”) in airline pilots as well as incorrect interpretations of the attitude indicator (AI). Background: The effect of the leans on interpretation errors has previously been demonstrated in nonpilots. In-flight,...
article 2020