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Muhammed, M.A.H. (author), Lamers, M. (author), Baumann, V. (author), Dey, P. (author), Blanch, A.J. (author), Polishchuk, I. (author), Kong, X.T. (author), Levy, D. (author), Urban, A.S. (author), Govorov, A.O. (author), Pokroy, B. (author), Rodríguez-Fernández, J. (author), Feldmann, J. (author)
Elucidating the underlying principles behind band gap engineering is paramount for the successful implementation of semiconductors in photonic and optoelectronic devices. Recently it has been shown that the band gap of a wide and direct band gap semiconductor, such as ZnO, can be modified upon cocrystallization with amino acids, with the role of...
article 2018
Lamers, M. (author), Bronsveld, P. (author), Liu, J. (author), Weeber, A. (author)
High quality passivating contacts can be realized by using the combination of a thin interfacial oxide (SiOx) and doped polysilicon (polySi). Recombination losses are minimized by providing very good passivation between the thin hydrogenated oxide and the cSi, a high field effect by the highly doped polySi [1-2], combined with the low level...
conference paper 2018