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de Kock, C.A. (author), Lucassen, P.L. (author), Akkermans, R.P. (author), Knottnerus, J.A. (author), Buijs, P.C. (author), Steenbeek, R. (author), Lagro-Janssen, A.L. (author)
Background. Perception by workers of their health problems as work-related is possibly associated with sickness absence (SA). The aim of this study was to to study the relationship between perceived work-relatedness of health problems and SA among workers who visit their GP, taking the influence of other potential determinants into account and...
article 2020
Offerhaus, P.M. (author), Otten, W. (author), Boxem-Tiemessen, J.C. (author), de Jonge, A. (author), van der Pal-de Bruin, K.M. (author), Scheepers, P.L. (author), Lagro-Janssen, A.L. (author)
Objective in midwife-led care models of maternity care, midwives are responsible for intrapartum referrals to the obstetrician or obstetric unit, in order to give their clients access to secondary obstetric care. This study explores the influence of risk perception, policy on routine labour management, and other midwife related factors on...
article 2015
de Kock, K.A. (author), Steenbeek, R. (author), Buijs, P.C. (author), Lucassen, P.L. (author), Knottnerus, J.A. (author), Lagro-Janssen, A.L. (author)
Background. Work and being able to work are important prerequisites for health and well being. Health problems can have a negative influence on the ability to work and not being able to work can be detrimental for patients’ psychosocial well being. Although GPs are aware of this importance they do not always structurally pay attention to...
article 2014