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Scholliers, J. (author), Joshi, S. (author), Gemou, M. (author), Hendriks, F. (author), Ljung Aust, M. (author), Luoma, J. (author), Netto, M. (author), Engstrom, J. (author), Leanderson Olsson, S. (author), Kutzner, R. (author), Tango, F. (author), Amditis, A.J. (author), Blosseville, J.M. (author), Bekiaris, E. (author), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 33101 Tampere, Finland Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, 15773 Athens, Greece Hellenic Institute of Transport, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, 57001 Thessaloniki, Greece TNO Automotive, 5708 HN Helmond, Netherlands Volvo Cars Safety Centre, 405 31 Göteborg, Sweden VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 02044 Espoo, Finland Vehicle-Infrastructure-Driver Interactions Research Laboratory, French National Institute on Civil Engineering, French National Institute on Transportation and Safety, 78000 Versailles, France Volvo Technology Corporation, 405 08 Göteborg, Sweden Technische Universität Braunschweig, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Department, Centro Richerche Fiat, 10126 Turin, Italy French National Institute on Transportation and Safety, 78000 Versailles, France (author)
Preventive safety functions help drivers avoid or mitigate accidents. No quantitative methods have been available to evaluate the safety impact of these systems. This paper describes a framework for the assessment of preventive and active safety functions, which integrates procedures for technical performance, human factors, and safety...
article 2011
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Scholliers, J. (author), Blosseville, J.M. (author), Anttila, V. (author), Sihvola, N. (author), Leanderson, S. (author), Dozza, M. (author), Netto, M. (author), Heinig, K. (author), Hendriks, F.M. (author), Janssen, W.H. (author), Wilmink, I.R. (author), van Noort, M. (author), Chen, J. (author), Tango, F. (author), Hiller, A. (author), Ljung, M. (author), Engström, J. (author), Koskinen, S. (author), Luoma, J. (author), Gemou, M. (author), Kutzner, R. (author)
PReVAL addresses the possible safety impacts of functions developed and demonstrated in the PReVENT integrated project. One of the major aims of the PReVAL project is the assessment of the work performed in the PReVENT subprojects. This deliverable reviews the evaluation results from the different PReVENT subprojects. The deliverable is both a...
report 2007