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van Ganzewinkel, C.J. (author), Niemarkt, H. (author), Andriessen, P. (author), van der Pal, S.M. (author), Kramer, B. (author)
Background: Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a severe gastro-intestinal condition associated with prolonged, extreme visceral pain and recurrent procedural pain. Pain management in infants with NEC remains challenging. Pain symptoms range from being absent to not responding to analgesics. Cumulative neonatal pain is also associated with long...
article 2019
Raiten, D.J. (author), Sakr Ashour, F.A. (author), Ross, A.C. (author), Meydani, S.N. (author), Dawson, H.D. (author), Stephensen, C.B. (author), Brabin, B.J. (author), Suchdev, P.S. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Ahluwalia, N. (author), Ahmed, T. (author), Allen, L. (author), Beck, M. (author), Blanchard, H. (author), Brindle, E. (author), Brown, K. (author), Calder, P. (author), Checkley, W. (author), Claycombe, K. (author), Coles, C. (author), Esamai, F. (author), Friis, H. (author), Gardner, E. (author), Grinspoon, S. (author), Guerrant, R. (author), Hellerstein, M. (author), Hunt, J. (author), King, J. (author), Klasing, K. (author), Kramer, B. (author), Koski, K. (author), Northrop-Clewes, C. (author), Pfeiffer, C. (author), Prentice, A. (author), Ramirez-Zea, M. (author), van Rheenan, P. (author), Rink, L. (author), Srinivasa, S. (author), Benn, C.S. (author), Stephensen, C. (author), Suchdev, P. (author), Sullivan, K. (author), Thurnham, D. (author), Varadhan, R. (author), Van Der Ven, A. (author), Walston, J. (author), Xia, J. (author)
An increasing recognition has emerged of the complexities of the global health agenda-specifically, the collision of infections and noncommunicable diseases and the dual burden of over- and undernutrition. Of particular practical concern are both 1) the need for a better understanding of the bidirectional relations between nutritional status and...
article 2015