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van Zomeren, A. (author), Koper, R. (author), Dijkstra, J.J. (author), Comans, R.N.J. (author)
Analysis of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is widely used to quantify the sum of organic carbon species in water. Analyzers based on wet chemical oxidation (WCO) usually have a relatively low detection limit (±1 μg of C/L) and are, therefore, well suited for analyses of DOC in environmental samples (e.g., surface water, groundwater, or seawater)...
article 2021
van Zomeren, A. (author), Dijkstra, J.J. (author), Koper, R. (author), Comans, R.N.J. (author)
Environmental limit values for emissions to soil and groundwater ?Dutch Soil Quality Decree (2007) Validate assumptions on HA/FA concentrations in modelling Rapid batch method available: consistent with IHSS methods, suitable for both solid and aqueous samples Change DOC analyses from “combustion method” to “chemical oxidation method”
public lecture 2014
van der Sloot, H.A. (author), Seignette, P.F.A.B. (author), van Zomeren, A. (author), Koper, R. (author)
This report describes a comparison of leachate data from Dutch landfills. The leachate data from about 80 different compartments has been gathered in a database to allow comparison of leachate concentrations.
other 2010