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Lindeman, J.H.N. (author), Ashcroft, B.A. (author), Beenakker, J.-W.M. (author), van Es, M. (author), Koekkoek, N.B.R. (author), Prins, F.A. (author), Tielemans, J.F. (author), Abdul-Hussien, H. (author), Bank, R.A. (author), Oosterkamp, T.H. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
An aneurysm of the aorta is a common pathology characterized by segmentalweakeningof the artery.Althoughit isgenerally accepted that the vessel-wall weakening is caused by an impaired collagen metabolism, a clear association has been demonstrated only for rare syndromes such as the vascular type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Here we show that vessel...
article 2010