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Sabel, C.E. (author), Hiscock, R. (author), Asikainen, A. (author), Bi, J. (author), Depledge, M. (author), Van Den Elshout, S. (author), Friedrich, R. (author), Huang, G. (author), Hurley, F. (author), Jantunen, M. (author), Karakitsios, S.P. (author), Keuken, M. (author), Kingham, S. (author), Kontoroupis, P. (author), Kuenzli, N. (author), Liu, M. (author), Martuzzi, M. (author), Morton, K. (author), Mudu, P. (author), Niittynen, M. (author), Perez, L. (author), Sarigiannis, D. (author), Stahl-Timmins, W. (author), Tobollik, M. (author), Tuomisto, J. (author), Willers, S. (author)
Background: Climate change is a global threat to health and wellbeing. Here we provide findings of an international research project investigating the health and wellbeing impacts of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban environments. Methods: Five European and two Chinese city authorities and partner academic organisations formed...
article 2016
de Nazelle, A. (author), Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J. (author), Antó, J.M. (author), Brauer, M. (author), Briggs, D. (author), Braun-Fahrlander, C. (author), Cavill, N. (author), Cooper, A.R. (author), Desqueyroux, H. (author), Fruin, S. (author), Hoek, G. (author), Panis, L.I. (author), Janssen, N. (author), Jerrett, M. (author), Joffe, M. (author), Andersen, Z.J. (author), van Kempen, E. (author), Kingham, S. (author), Kubesch, N. (author), Leyden, K.M. (author), Marshall, J.D. (author), Matamala, J. (author), Mellios, G. (author), Mendez, M. (author), Nassif, H. (author), Ogilvie, D. (author), Peiró, R. (author), Pérez, K. (author), Rabl, A. (author), Ragettli, M. (author), Rodríguez, D. (author), Rojas, D. (author), Ruiz, P. (author), Sallis, J.F. (author), Terwoert, J. (author), Toussaint, J.-F. (author), Tuomisto, J. (author), Zuurbier, M. (author), Lebret, E. (author)
Substantial policy changes to control obesity, limit chronic disease, and reduce air pollution emissions, including greenhouse gasses, have been recommended. Transportation and planning policies that promote active travel by walking and cycling can contribute to these goals, potentially yielding further co-benefits. Little is known, however,...
article 2011