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Ahvenniemi, E. (author), Akbashev, A.R. (author), Ali, S. (author), Bechelany, M. (author), Berdova, M. (author), Boyadjiev, S. (author), Cameron, D.C. (author), Chen, R. (author), Chubarov, M. (author), Cremers, V. (author), Devi, A. (author), Drozd, V. (author), Elnikova, L. (author), Gottardi, G. (author), Grigoras, K. (author), Hausmann, D.M. (author), Seong Hwang, C. (author), Jen, S.H. (author), Kallio, T. (author), Kanervo, J. (author), Khmelnitskiy, I. (author), Kim, D.H. (author), Klibanov, L. (author), Koshtyal, Y. (author), Krause, A.O.I. (author), Kuhs, J. (author), Kärkkänen, I. (author), Kääriäinen, M.L. (author), Kääriäinen, T. (author), Lamagna, L. (author), Łapicki, A.A. (author), Leskelä, M. (author), Lipsanen, H. (author), Lyytinen, J. (author), Malkov, A. (author), Malygin, A. (author), Mennad, A. (author), Militzer, C. (author), Molarius, J. (author), Norek, M. (author), Özgit-Akgün, Ç. (author), Panov, M. (author), Pedersen, H. (author), Piallat, F. (author), Popov, G. (author), Puurunen, R.L. (author), Rampelberg, G. (author), Ras, R.H.A. (author), Rauwel, E. (author), Roozeboom, F. (author), Sajavaara, T. (author), Salami, H. (author), Savin, H. (author), Schneider, N. (author), Seidel, T.E. (author), Sundqvist, J. (author), Suyatin, D.B. (author), Törndahl, T. (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Wiemer, C. (author), Ylivaara, O.M.E. (author), Yurkevich, O. (author)
Atomic layer deposition (ALD), a gas-phase thin film deposition technique based on repeated, self-terminating gas–solid reactions, has become the method of choice in semiconductor manufacturing and many other technological areas for depositing thin conformal inorganic material layers for various applications. ALD has been discovered and...
article 2017
Kim, D.H. (author), Smith-Warner, S.A. (author), Spiegelman, D. (author), Yaun, S.S. (author), Colditz, G.A. (author), Freudenheim, J.L. (author), Giovannucci, E. (author), Goldbohm, R.A. (author), Graham, S. (author), Harnack, L. (author), Jacobs, E.J. (author), Leitzmann, M. (author), Mannisto, S. (author), Miller, A.B. (author), Potter, J.D. (author), Rohan, T.E. (author), Schatzkin, A. (author), Speizer, F.E. (author), Stevens, V.L. (author), Stolzenberg-Solomon, R. (author), Terry, P. (author), Toniolo, P. (author), Weijenberg, M.P. (author), Willett, W.C. (author), Wolk, A. (author), Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, A. (author), Hunter, D.J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objective: Studies of folate intake and colorectal cancer risk have been inconsistent. We examined the relation with colon cancer risk in a series of 13 prospective studies. Methods: Study-and sex-specific relative risks (RRs) were estimated from the primary data using Cox proportional hazards models and then pooled using a random-effects model....
article 2010
Cho, E. (author), Smith-Warner, S.A. (author), Ritz, J. (author), van der Brandt, P.A. (author), Colditz, G.A. (author), Folsom, A.R. (author), Freudenheim, J.L. (author), Giovannucci, E. (author), Goldbohm, R.A. (author), Graham, S. (author), Holmberg, L. (author), Kim, D.H. (author), Malila, N. (author), Miller, A.B. (author), Pietinen, P. (author), Rohan, T.E. (author), Sellers, T.A. (author), Speizer, F.E. (author), Willett, W.C. (author), Wolk, A. (author), Hunter, D.J. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
article 2004