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Crumeyrolle, S. (author), Mensah, A. (author), Khlystov, A. (author), Kos, G. (author), ten Brink, H. (author)
Anthropogenic aerosol particles serve as extra Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN), increasing the cloud droplet number concentration and modifying the cloud properties. The influence of manmade aerosol is the highest in a marine environment due to a limited number of natural CCN. Marine stratocumulus-like clouds (MSC) are the most frequent cloud...
article 2021
Bakker, F. (author), Geusebroek, M. (author), Erisman, J.W. (author), Khlystov, A. (author), Vermeulen, A.T. (author)
Emissions of traffic contribute to a large extent to the health effectsof air pollution. It is still uncertain how much of these effects are due to aerosols and whether chemical composition or just the number of particles are important. The interactions between gaseous and particulate matter in the atmosphere requires that scientific studies...
other 1999