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Kher, S.V. (author), de Jonge, J. (author), Wentholt, M.T. (author), Deliza, R. (author), de Andrade, J.C. (author), Cnossen, H.J. (author), Lucas Luijckx, N.B. (author), Frewer, L.J. (author)
The development and implementation of effective systems to identify vulnerabilities in food chains to chemical and microbiological contaminants must take account of consumer priorities and preferences. The present investigation attempted to understand consumer perceptions associated with chemical and microbiological contaminants in four specific...
article 2013
Kher, S.V. (author), Frewer, L.J. (author), de Jonge, J. (author), Wentholt, M. (author), Davies, O.H. (author), Lucas Luijckx, N.B. (author), Cnossen, H.J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Purpose: The research presented in this paper aims at understanding the views of European food risk management experts on food traceability implementation, implementation of the general food law, and the advantages the system can offer for effective risk mitigation. Design/methodology/approach: Delphi methodology was applied to understand...
article 2010