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Möller, B. (author), Karlsson, P. (author), Croom-Johnson, S. (author), Hartog, T. (author), Huiskamp, W. (author), Verkoelen, C.A.A. (author), Jones, G. (author), Nielsen, M.N. (author), Ståhl, I. (author)
Distributed simulation is rapidly becoming a necessity for collective mission training. With missions being joint and combined, we will never fight alone. Thus we need to train together, within and between nations. However, in any such scenario it is likely that some or all of the information may be classified at some level and need protection,...
conference paper 2011
Sachs, J. (author), Agüero, R. (author), Berg, M. (author), Gebert, J. (author), Jorguseski, L. (author), Karla, I. (author), Karlsson, P. (author), Koudouridis, G.P. (author), Lundsjö, J. (author), Prytz, M. (author), Strandberg, O. (author)
Integration of heterogeneous access technologies to provide multi-radio access allows for dynamic access selection. The "always best connected" paradigm can increase system capacity and end user throughput, as well as, reduce the network deployment costs for multi-radio wireless networks. In this paper we present the functional entities Generic...
conference paper 2006