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Bryllert, T. (author), Svedin, J. (author), Karlsson, M. (author), Gandini, E. (author), Llombart, N. (author), Drakinskiy, V. (author), Stake, J. (author)
We present a 220 GHz imaging radar prototype that has been developed in the European Defense Agency (EDA) project TIPPSI. The purpose of the development was to demonstrate short-range high-resolution 3D imaging for security applications at checkpoints, and to guide the development of stand-off real-time millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave...
conference paper 2018
de Craen, S. (author), Hülsken, K. (author), Karlsson, M. (author), Köhler, A.L. (author), Ladwig, S. (author), Op Den Camp, O.M.G.C. (author)
report 2018
Brouwer, R. (author), Fahrenkrog, F. (author), Fiorentino, A. (author), Hof, T. (author), Köhler, A.L. (author), Karlsson, M. (author), Ljung, M. (author), Selveforst, A. (author), van Schagen, I. (author), Sprajcer, A. (author), Toffetti, A. (author), Twisk, D. (author), Wahlgren, A. (author), Ziegler, J. (author)
The MeBeSafe project intends to develop, implement and validate interventions that direct road users (drivers and cyclists) towards safer behaviour in common traffic situations which carry an elevated risk. More specifically, the aim is to change habitual traffic behaviour using different nudging interventions, i.e. subconsciously pushing road...
report 2017