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Nickel, S. (author), Schröder, W. (author), Wosniok, W. (author), Harmens, H. (author), Frontasyeva, M.V. (author), Alber, R. (author), Aleksiayenak, J. (author), Barandovski, L. (author), Blum, O. (author), Danielsson, H. (author), de Temmermann, L. (author), Dunaev, A.M. (author), Fagerli, H. (author), Godzik, B. (author), Ilyin, I. (author), Jonkers, S. (author), Jeran, Z. (author), Pihl Karlsson, G. (author), Lazo, P. (author), Leblond, S. (author), Liiv, S. (author), Magnússon, S.H. (author), Mankovska, B. (author), Martínez-Abaigar, J. (author), Piispanen, J. (author), Poikolainen, J. (author), Popescu, I.V. (author), Qarri, F. (author), Radnovic, D. (author), Santamaria, J.M. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Skudnik, M. (author), Špirić, Z. (author), Stafilov, T. (author), Steinnes, E. (author), Stihi, C. (author), Suchara, I. (author), Thöni, L. (author), Uggerud, H.T. (author), Zechmeister, H.G. (author)
Objective This study explores the statistical relations between the concentration of nine heavy metals (HM) (arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), mercury (Hg), nickel (Ni), lead (Pb), vanadium (V), zinc (Zn)), and nitrogen (N) in moss and potential explanatory variables (predictors) which were then used for mapping spatial...
article 2017
Zwart, R.W.R. (author), Quick, W. (author), Weatherstone, S. (author), Theobald, K. (author), Kollberg, K. (author), Hinderson, A. (author), Karlsson, G. (author), Padban, N. (author), Quak, R. (author), Khodayari, R. (author)
In this report the handling and storage facilities at several existing coal-fired power plants are described and critical logistic steps are identified when switching from coal to torrefied biomass. This information forms deliverable 6.1 of the project. For this deliverable input from EON, RWE and Vattenfall is mandatory.
other 2012