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Debije, M.G. (author), Tzikas, C. (author), de Jong, M.M. (author), Kanellis, M, (author), Slooff, L.H. (author)
We report on the relative performances of two large-scale luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) noise barriers placed in an outdoor environment monitored for over a year. Comparisons are made for the performances of a number of attached photovoltaic cells with changing spectral illumination, cloud cover conditions and other seasonal variations,...
article 2018
Kanellis, M. (author), de Jong, M.M. (author), Slooff, L.H. (author), Debije, M.G. (author)
In this work we describe the relative performance of the largest luminescent solar concentrator (LSC)constructed to date. Comparisons are made for performance of North/South and East/West facing panels during a sunny day. It is shown that the East/West panels display much more varied performance during the day, as the structural elements of the...
article 2017
Slooff, L.H. (author), Verkuilen, S. (author), de Jong, M.M. (author), van den Donker, M.N. (author), Kanellis, M. (author), Debije, M.G. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
Two modular noise barrier test setups containing photovoltaic modules have been installed in the Netherlands, one in a North/South orientation, and the other in East/West orientation. Both setups contain one set of mono-facial c-Si panels, one set of bi-facial c-Si panels and two luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) panels, one red and one...
conference paper 2016