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Paasonen, P. (author), Asmi, A. (author), Petäjä, T. (author), Kajos, M.K. (author), Äijälä, M. (author), Junninen, H. (author), Holst, T. (author), Abbatt, J.P.D. (author), Arneth, A. (author), Birmili, W. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Hamed, A. (author), Hoffer, A. (author), Laakso, L. (author), Laaksonen, A. (author), Richard Leaitch, W. (author), Plass-Dülmer, C. (author), Pryor, S.C. (author), Räisänen, P. (author), Swietlicki, E. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Worsnop, D.R. (author), Kerminen, V.-M. (author), Kulmala, M. (author)
Atmospheric aerosol particles influence the climate system directly by scattering and absorbing solar radiation, and indirectly by acting as cloud condensation nuclei. Apart from black carbon aerosol, aerosols cause a negative radiative forcing at the top of the atmosphere and substantially mitigate the warming caused by greenhouse gases. In the...
article 2013
Hamburger, T. (author), McMeeking, G. (author), Minikin, A. (author), Birmili, W. (author), Dall'Osto, M. (author), O'Dowd, C. (author), Flentje, H. (author), Henzing, B. (author), Junninen, H. (author), Kristensson, A. (author), de Leeuw, G. (author), Stohl, A. (author), Burkhart, J.F. (author), Coe, H. (author), Krejci, R. (author), Petzold, A. (author)
In May 2008 the EUCAARI-LONGREX aircraft field campaign was conducted within the EUCAARI intensive observational period. The campaign aimed at studying the distribution and evolution of air mass properties on a continental scale. Airborne aerosol and trace gas measurements were performed aboard the German DLR Falcon 20 and the British FAAM BAe...
article 2011