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de Jong, G.A.H. (author), Jayasena, S. (author), Johnson, P. (author), Marsh, J. (author), Apostolovic, D. (author), van Hage, M. (author), Nordlee, J. (author), Baumert, J. (author), Taylor, S.L. (author), Roucairol, C. (author), de Jongh, H. (author), Koppelman, S.J. (author)
The 2S albumin Ara h 6 is one of the most important peanut allergens. A post-translationally cleaved Ara h 6 (pAra h 6) was purified from Virginia type peanuts, and the cleavage site was mapped using high-resolution mass spectrometry. Compared to intact Ara h 6, pAra h 6 lacks a 5-amino acid stretch, resembling amino acids 43-47 (UniProt...
article 2018
Eeckelaert, L. (author), Meyer, (author), Butler, C. (author), Johnson, P. (author), Gervais, R. (author), Lopez Nunes, I. (author), Farin, K. (author), Pecillo, M. (author), Mlodzaka-Stybel, A. (author), Kudasz, F. (author), Schmitz-Felten, E. (author), Jachowicz, M. (author), Hassard, J. (author), Cox, T. (author), Richter, J. (author), Bakhuys Roozeboom, M.M.C. (author), den Besten, H. (author), Kwantes, J.H. (author), Papale, A. (author), Williams, A. (author), Wilhelm, H. (author), Laamananen, I. (author)
One conclusion from the EU-OSHA economic incentives project is that incentives schemes should not only reward past results of good OSH management (such as accident numbers in experience rating), but should also reward specific prevention efforts that aim to reduce future accidents and ill-health. Experts from the economic incentives project...
book 2011
TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), Eijckelhof, L. (author), Huysmans, M. (author), Blatter, B. (author), Johnson, P. (author), van der Beek, A. (author), van Dieen, J. (author), Dennerlein, J. (author)
public lecture 2010