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Desprez, B. (author), Birk, B. (author), Blaauboer, B. (author), Boobis, A. (author), Carmichael, P. (author), Cronin, M.T.D. (author), Curie, R. (author), Daston, G. (author), Hubesch, B. (author), Jennings, P. (author), Klaric, M. (author), Kroese, D. (author), Mahony, C. (author), Ouédraogo, G. (author), Piersma, A. (author), Richarz, A.N. (author), Schwarz, M. (author), van Benthem, J. (author), van de Water, B. (author), Vinken, M. (author)
Repeated dose toxicity evaluation aims at assessing the occurrence of adverse effects following chronic or repeated exposure to chemicals. Non-animal approaches have gained importance in the last decades because of ethical considerations as well as due to scientific reasons calling for more human-based strategies. A critical aspect of this...
article 2019
Leist, M. (author), Ghallab, A. (author), Graepel, R. (author), Marchan, R. (author), Hassan, R. (author), Bennekou, S.H. (author), Limonciel, A. (author), Vinken, M. (author), Schildknecht, S. (author), Waldmann, T. (author), Danen, E. (author), van Ravenzwaay, B. (author), Kamp, H. (author), Gardner, I. (author), Godoy, P. (author), Bois, F.Y. (author), Braeuning, A. (author), Reif, R. (author), Oesch, F. (author), Drasdo, D. (author), Höhme, S. (author), Schwarz, M. (author), Hartung, T. (author), Braunbeck, T. (author), Beltman, J. (author), Vrieling, H. (author), Sanz, F. (author), Forsby, A. (author), Gadaleta, D. (author), Fisher, C. (author), Kelm, J. (author), Fluri, D. (author), Ecker, G. (author), Zdrazil, B. (author), Terron, A. (author), Jennings, P. (author), van der Burg, B. (author), Dooley, S. (author), Meijer, A.H. (author), Willighagen, E. (author), Martens, M. (author), Evelo, C. (author), Mombelli, E. (author), Taboureau, O. (author), Mantovani, A. (author), Hardy, B. (author), Koch, B. (author), Escher, S. (author), van Thriel, C. (author), Cadenas, C. (author), Kroese, D. (author), van de Water, B. (author), Hengstler, J.G. (author)
Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) are a recent toxicological construct that connects, in a formalized, transparent and quality-controlled way, mechanistic information to apical endpoints for regulatory purposes. AOP links a molecular initiating event (MIE) to the adverse outcome (AO) via key events (KE), in a way specified by key event...
article 2017
Vinken, M. (author), Doktorova, T. (author), Ellinger-Ziegelbauer, H. (author), Ahr, H.-J. (author), Lock, E. (author), Carmichael, P. (author), Roggen, E. (author), van Delft, J. (author), Kleinjans, J. (author), Castell, J. (author), Bort, R. (author), Donato, T. (author), Ryan, M. (author), Corvi, R. (author), Keun, H. (author), Ebbels, T. (author), Athersuch, T. (author), Sansone, S.-A. (author), Rocca-Serra, P. (author), Stierum, R. (author), Jennings, P. (author), Pfaller, W. (author), Gmuender, H. (author), Vanhaecke, T. (author), Rogiers, V. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Recent changes in the European legislation of chemical-related substances have forced the scientific community to speed up the search for alternative methods that could partly or fully replace animal experimentation. The Sixth Framework Program project carcinoGENOMICS was specifically raised to develop omics-based in vitro screens for testing...
article 2008